Broken Wings By Caitlyn Montoya

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Sometimes life feels like it’s going to end just before it really begins. That is just what Leah and Jeremy discover after their chance encounter. Can Jeremy help Leah find a new way in life and show her the hope that he sees in her? Just when he thought it was all about helping her he discovers it is Leah who has helped him to find his way again.

In this story of purpose discovery two unlikely characters form a friendship that will change their lives forever.

Authors Note:
When I started writing this story it came on like a crazy need to get this character and her life out of my head. The bulk of it was written in under 30 days. I thought it was just another one of my fun stories, but after I wrote it and read over it I realized this one was a little different. Inside it contained a piece of me and my pain that I had tried to hide from the world for a very long time. In a very real way I was writing the story that 16 year old me needed to hear and knew through those tough high school years. Because nothing is new under heaven I think it’s reasonable to assume that if I needed to hear it, there are others too who need the words in this book, so despite my fear of its reception I decided to share it.

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