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Welcome to
Los Montoyas 

Welcome to my site! I am a stay at home mom of a large family. I never imagined being a stay at home mom and for a long time I struggled with feeling alone and not good enough, I still do sometimes. Through talking with other moms I’ve come to realize these are feelings we all battle and I’m here to share my story and the story of other remarkable moms - working and stay at home alike - to help battle those insecurities. I hope you enjoy what you read.

What Brings You Here Today?

I'm Feeling Lonely

I have shared real life stories from my life so you know you are not unseen, unheard, or alone.

Why do Bad Things Happen

I couldn't tell you why they happen, but I can share with you how we got through some really tough times.

Help Me With My Household

I can't come clean your house for you, but I share with you the practices we use to manage Casa De Montoya.

I Need Help Talking With My Kid

I've got a few tools for you to help you as you navigate conversations with your kids.

I'm Bored

I've been there and I've done a million silly crafts and cooked a lot of food.

I Need A Laugh

I love laughter and I love sharing it with others.

More From Me

My most valuable story is my own #WriteYourStory
Cait Montoya