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While we don’t use banner ads and pop-up ads we do use affiliate links on this website. If you click on these links we receive a commission but you are not charged any additional fees. We do occasionally get compensated to write honest feedback on products and services, this will not incur additional cost to you. While not all of our links are affiliate let’s make it easy on both of us and assume that all of them are.

We don’t use banner ads and pop-up ads. We will NOT link to a product or service that we do not have personal experience with. I hate going to a website and being bombarded with ads on the sidebars and banners across the bottom of my screen. I find it visually assaulting and hard to focus on the information that is being communicated in the article. We personally believe in connecting and encouraging through stories and so we don’t want to do anything that will distract from those stories. We want the content to be the most important thing we share with you. We believe that if we are talking about a specific product or service that a direct link to it within the article does not distract or violate the integrity of the stories we are sharing.

Thank you for visiting our site and we hope you leave encouraged and uplifted.