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Conversation Tools - Vision

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There are many tough topics we have to talk about these days, having a set of standards to guide our words and end goal can help us to see past the present tensions. Know that today is not the finish line.

These things are essential for having a clear understanding of your intentions for your Conversation Journal. Your relationship needs powerful and meaningful convictions behind it, so it will not fade away or get forgotten when things get hard. Clearly identifying Vision and Mission will bring clarity and accountability into your interactions within the relationship.

Just like setting the foundation is the crucial first step asking the right questions is important in identifying your Purpose, Mission, Vision, and Values.

Why are we using a conversation journal?
What will our relationship look like when my child leaves home?
How will we get from where we are today to where we want to be?

The answers to these questions will inform and define your Purpose (why), Mission (how), Vision (where), and Values (guidelines).