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Podcast: Jason Montoya

In high school, one of the things that always stood out to me about Jason was his love of others and his ability to love deeply all people. He talked to everyone the same, no one was distinguished as being more important than another person. He always was intentional about inviting and engaging people. He has carried that intentionality into how he parents our children.

With an eye toward the future, Jason is laying the groundwork for continued conversations and relationships with our kids. In this episode of the podcast, Jason and I talk about one practice he has, in particular, Dad Dates.

We’ll discuss how this habit started and what Jason is doing now to sustain it. We understand that not every family is as big as ours and this system may not work exactly as it is for your family. Some habits are not one size fits, but we hope this episode inspires you to think of ways you can intentionally engage with your children so that you are investing into the future of your relationship with them.

This Summer while I was practicing with making podcasts I recorded a conversation I had with our 3-year-old after his dad date, here it is if you are interested in listening to that as well.