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Podcast: Janelle Draper

Janelle Draper is the founder of Foundation to Fly, a non-profit organization that is helping to empower elementary-aged girls with confidence, problem-solving skills, and much more. Upon popular request, she also hosts Mess of a Mom, a program designed to help and empower moms in the same way she is empowering young girls. 

As well as having a heart for serving and training up young ladies she is also a full-time teacher and dedicates her working hours to pouring into the next generation.

Do you think she is remarkable yet? There’s more! Janelle and her husband are also foster parents. In today’s episode, you’ll learn a little bit about her wonderful organization and how she and her husband have approached conversations with their biological children about their heart for fostering and loving others.

I hope you find Janelle as heart warming and wonderful as I do. If you are interested in keeping up with her or contributing to Foundation to Fly follow Janelle on Instagram or visit the website, links can be found in the show notes and on my website.