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About Me

When I was a young girl my sister would read books to me and I remember sitting on her bed riveted by the tales and completely honored by her attention. I would sneak into the storage room and just look at all her old Nancy Drew and Little house on the Prairie books that were destine to be mine when I learned how to read. Then one day she read me a story that changed my world. It was a fictional story she had written. I knew as I listened to her weave a tale about an underwater world and a mermaid that I too wanted to write. I wanted to give life to the imaginary worlds that spun around in my head. With a new purpose I study my reading lessons and my vocabulary words each day waiting until I could be in the fourth grade and write just like her.

MY most valuable story

Most of my writing is fictional and a lot of it just for fun. I had once big dreams of becoming a famous author. I spent much of my teen life hiding behind my stories and living through them processing the harsh world around me by putting my characters through the things I had to deal with and seeing how they fared, finding hope that if I could write a happy ending I could find a happy ending. It was my fictional writing I always thought had a value, never my raw real heart felt truthful writing. God took me on a journey though, and showed me my most valuable story is my own because it is a part of His story. My journey is a journey with Him. Each day, every day, long before I ever knew it was Him, He was there. Calling me, speaking to me. He guided me through the challenges and held me close through my trials, even as I doubted him and cried out at the injustice of the world.

I will at times share funny fictional writing just for fun because it still does help me process things in a different light, but I will also share true stories. Look for traces of my sister in all my fictional writing, because her friendship and love have been invaluable to me, and because it was her who first put the seed of storytelling in my heart. I’ll also share my journey in motherhood and being a wife and just plain old living out this walk with Christ in our inventive and creative ways, because we as a family love to craft and cook.

About the name

About Jason