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My Personality

As an Enneagram 5, I enjoy the journey of expertise in many fields. My Myers Briggs personality type is INFJ which I share with Dr Martin Luther King Jr and Mother Theresa.

The Podcast

In this bi-monthly FREE podcast I share tools for conversations with your kids and interviews with parents who are knocking it out of the ballpark. 

Freelancing Course

Jason has been a successful freelancer for many years, discover his secrets in this online course via Skillshare: How To Flourish In Freelancing - 8 Steps To Long-Term Success

Conversation Coaching

Being a parent is tough, sometimes we simply need another parent to come alongside of us and coach us through some of the tougher moments and conversations. I’m dedicated to helping parents have better conversations with their kids and I’d love to help you get unstuck or through difficult periods in life.

Book Marketing

Writing the book is probably the easy part. Once it’s done you’ve got cover art and marketing to do. I can help you layout a book launch plan, or I can do it for you. As a writer myself, I can value your creative vision in a deeper way than other marketing firms.


With five kids of my own, I have a passion for helping other parents learn how to have conversations with their kids. If listening to the podcast isn’t enough for you, I can come to you and talk about conversations in parenting.


Jason and I have a passion for helping entrepreneurs build sustainable and growing companies. As an Enneagram 5, I enjoying becoming a specialist in you and your company. My unique ability to gather information and remain objective allows me to help you push through growth barriers and change team dynamics that may be holding you back.

More From Us

As bloggers, Jason and I have established affiliate marketing partnerships. This means we get commissions for referring you to the software and service of other companies.

We don't push products just for the money. We are interested in finding awesome companies and tools - that we have experience with - and referring you to them. The following resources fit these requirements. 

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