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Need Help Starting the Conversation

With unique conversation starters and bible quotes to help keep your heart in the write place, this journal is sure to foster a continued relationship with your child. This book is designed to keep the relationship write and aide you and your kiddo in having the write conversations.

Conversation Starters

Over 40 pages of conversation prompts

Prayer Journal

Record your prayers and build a habit of seeing God move

Blank, Bullet, & Lined

With a variety of different journal pages you'll have opptions to get creative

Tear Out Bookmark

Includes a tear out bookmark to color and design to signal there's something to read

How it Started

I started making the Conversation Journal so that I could better connect with one of my 5 children. It occurred to me that there might be other mothers and fathers out there that would also want to connect with their kids in this way so M and I decided we’d share our Journal with everyone. I also feel a calling to share my story and experiences as an encouragement to other mothers out there who may struggle with some of the same things that I do or have struggled with.

The Podcast

I have never felt like a stellar parent, but I have a village of really amazing moms around me. I regularly ask them questions and seek their advice. In the podcast I let you in on those conversations I am having with these amazing parents.

Continue The Conversation

You may read some things in this journal that make you smile and you may read some things that leave you dumbfounded and speechless, so we have created a community online to help support you as you embark on this journey. This community will feature stories and advice from seasoned parents and allow you a place to ask any questions that might come up.