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Khan Academy

We love free resources and Khan Academy is one of those free resources we love to use. Sometimes with free you get what you paid for, but with Khan you really get what you didn't pay for! It's an amazing tool that the kids love with pretty good video tutorials and plenty of visual elements. We use it mostly for math.


Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day

We've got a gluten sensitivity in this household so we've combatted that by dropping the store brought breads and instead making our own. Now if you've got a big family and you homeschool then you know how crazy it would be to try and make fresh bread every single day, this method makes fresh bread daily possible. It also uses a long process fermentation which drastically cuts down on the gluten content plus we do opt for a good quality unbleached flour, King Arthur generally. If you want more information on how long process fermentation of bread effects gluten Netflix has a great series called Cooked, watch the episode entitled Air to learn more. I highly reccomend this if you have a gluten "allergy" in your family.

Eat Your Way Around The World

Another tool we are using to learn about the countries we are visiting. This book not only has recipes, it also has fun facts about the food culture of a country, and some fun reproducibles in the back.

Wonders of The World Coloring Book

Another artistic tool to help teach about the countries we visit and most sheets also offer a launching point to learn about some of the countries history so we don't get stuck on current events.