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2 Must Have Tools to Self Publish

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So you have an idea and you want to write a book. It can seem like a scary process but with a few tools, you can get it done! That is if you can push past the actual act of sitting down and writing the book in the first place!

The first tool you’ll need before you can go to print is Grammarly. You are going to want to get it grammar checked, poor grammar in a book is more than just a little annoying. People forgive a lot in a blog post because they expect it to be conversational, but in a book, you’ve got to tighten your game and Grammarly can help you do that.

Now you’ve got a written and grammar checked document, and you are ready to go to print. Your next step is Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). They have made the book creation process super simple and easy. They’ve got a host of tools you can use to create and design your cover, even if you aren’t design savvy. The only tool you need is a digital document. I use Google Drive for on the go editing and creation because it syncs up with all my devices, but you can use whatever word processing program you want.

As you are getting ready KDP will give you several different book sizes to choose from. For me, I like the 6x9in paperback. Once you have picked out your size return to your finished document and under the file, menu go to “page set-up” and adjust the size of the page on your document. Don’t want to bother with all that? Download my free 6x9 template and add your content for a simple formatted book.

Want to learn the tools we use to create our covers? Read the article about our top four free resources for creating an amazing book cover on your next week. 

Here are some other really great resources to help you out on the journey of self-publishing and launching a book.

Carey Nieuwhof did some recent interviews with Drew Dyck and Margret Feinberg that have some great content in them for aspiring authors and those getting ready to enter the publishing arena.