Southern Snowflakes

It's snowing back home and while the weather is cooling down here in Georgia I don't see any snow in the forseeable forecast so my toddle and I decided to remedy that with our own "Southern Snowflake"

Finished Product:

Step one: Gather up some leaves and get out the iron and Wax or freezer paper.

Step Two: Place the leaves sandwhiched between the wax paper (waxy side touching the leaves) and Iron on a low setting for about 10-15 seconds.

Step Three: Get out some white paint and glitter. Plae the white paint into a tubberware container and use a sponge brush to apply white paint all over the leaves.

Step Four: With the paint still wet shake glitter all over the leaves.

Step Five & Six: Place leaves on Wax paper to dry then hang them from string all around. Sorry for the poor pictures my old iphone is what I've got for a camera right now.

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