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Easy Paper Christmas Bunting

I strung some stars across the wall for the kiddo's birthday party and when I took them down to put up Christmas stuff I felt like the wall was barren and empty so I had to come up with something new (and free) to put in it's place... A quick easy paper bunting project is the solution.


  • Construction paper cut into 1x6 inch strips
  • Decorative paper for the bunting (I didn't have any Christmas paper left so I just used construction paper)
  • White paint (optional)
  • White glue
  • Ornament hooks

Make a paper chain with the strips of construction paper by starting with a single loop and then threading a new piece through itto form another hoop. Keep doing this consecutively until you have the length you want (or in my case you run out of cut paper). Use the patterns below to cut out ornaments and bells. Next cut out the letters you'll need

  • 3 - r
  • 2 - m
  • 2- s
  • 1 - y
  • 1 - c
  • 1 - h
  • 1 - i
  • 1 - t
  • 1 - a
  • 1 - e

You can also paint the letters on for a MUCH easier though less uniformed approach. Lay out your bells and ornaments in a pleasing pattern and then glue down your letters. Hang the paper chain and use the ornament hooks to hang your letters ornaments from the chain. The pattern below is designed to print at 4x6 inches you can adjust it's size to fit your project.