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Old PJ Top to Dress for the Toddler

The kiddo loves it when mommy makes her clothes and she loves playing in mommy's closet, so when she got to pick out something from my donation pile to become a dress for her she was excited beyond measure. I'm thinking of changing this blog to blind crafting because the kiddo sits in my lap while I sew and boy does it make things a little tricky!

Start with and old button down shirt. Trim it down in to a vest piece and skirt piece.

Use as many of the seams and hems as you can for quicker sewing. All I had to do was hem the arm holes, the sides along the top and then the skirt piece to the bottom. The whole thing took about 30 minutes.

See that little blonde head there in my lap? She just wants to see and do it all!

Gather the skirt bottom and pin it in place and sew it on the bottom of the vest piece right sides together. Thats it your done! I had to fix a few buttons and add a hook and eye to the collar but thats it.