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Welcome to the World Lesson Plan

This week we are exploring the world and learning about the planet we live on. Below are a list of resources we are using to help us along.

Video resources

Netflix - How we got to now, On the way to school, Wings of life, Dino tasia, Life, Planet Earth, Human Planet


Geography Through Art, Geography From A to Z, A Picture Glossary

Art Projects

From our Geography Through Art book we are doing the crafts on page 21 and 22. You'll need paper mache suplies (ball or balloon, news paper, mache glue) and some copy paper and stamp pads for making and aging maps.

This Weeks Vocabulary

Continent, Divide, Polar, Tropical, Temperate, Zone, Ocean, Sea NOTE: I don't expect them to know how to spell all of these, some of them will be a verbal test at the end of our time on the globe as a whole. These words are taken from our Geography glossary book.

Additional Tools