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Cartography Lesson Plan

This week is an Art Club week. Which basically means a few friends come over I teach a lesson in art and then teh kids have at it. With the new world tour we are doing I'm no longer going to be focused on fine art lessons and rather taking each of the other kids along for a part of our journey. This week my kiddos will be learning more about the world as a whole and working on their vocab from last week (camp put us a little behind on that). We'll be focusing on the art of map making, or Cartography. I'm using the lesson plan from our Geography Through Art book on page 23. I'm modifying the creation of the maps a little, because I can't ever do anything exactly as I'm told... We'll be using some old ink pads that I have to distress the edges of the maps to give them a fun aged look. I also have some fun handmade paper that the kids will be using to make their maps look even more antique. I'll have them start out on a piece of copy paper then move to the handmade stuff once they know what they want their maps to look like.

You'll Need

  • copy paper or handmade paper
  • pens
  • ink pads
  • cotton balls
  • q-tips