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Podcast: Kendria Johnson

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In our podcast today I had a chance to sit down and speak with Kendria Johnson. Kendria is a teacher, author, and speaker. Her story is truly motivational and I really enjoyed getting a chance to hear more from her. Her honesty and candid way of speaking to her daughter is truly inspirational. 

Sometimes it is very hard, to be honest with our children about the situations we are living in and the circumstances we are facing. I really have to respect Kendria’s approach to talking with her daughter about some of the tough things they faced as her daughter was growing up.

I think we forget sometimes that our kids are going on our journey WITH us. A part of our story becomes a part of their story as well. One of the things Kendria said to her daughter during a particularly difficult time was this; “I told her what we were doing while we were going through this and that she was going to go through it with me.” 

Remember our stories have a way of defining us, and I think this beautiful and honest statement from Kendria to her daughter takes the sting out of a circumstance that could potentially be a defining one. Honesty and conversations in the tough moments of life are how we help shape our children and how we help them process through what is going on around them. We are helping them to form their self-definitions. As you’ll hear from Kendria, I don’t think this circumstance defined her daughter, but rather became just a part of her story.

For everyone who enjoys this episode and is interested in reading more about Kendria’s story her book is available as both a digital download and a physical copy, and you can order yours by clicking the links below.

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