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Neighbors App

We now have an awesome outdoor video light, to read my review of it click here. But before we had that light we didn’t have a view of our front yard. One night J and I went out on a date and when we returned home we discovered his car was not where we left it in the driveway. It was halfway out in the street.

We were intrigued by what could have happened. His car is very old with a ton of miles on it, but we keep driving it because it is paid for and it still runs. This beat up old car is not worth stealing, trust me, and it is a manual so we generally think of it as theft proof. Without a Ring Doorbell ourselves we didn’t have a way of knowing how his car was moved.

I have a free app by the Ring Doorbell people, so I opened it up to see if anyone in our area was reporting attempted car theft. No reports had been made, but I was able to discover our neighbor across the street has a Ring Doorbell that is aimed our way and could decipher what had happened. I promptly applied to them to check their video recordings and we were able to discover that a very hefty gust of video had popped the car out of gear and it had rolled back on it’s own. OH MY!

If you don’t have a Ring Doorbell yourself you can still benefit from your neighbors who might have one that is aimed in your direction. Through this app you can share your footage with a wider audience to help solve and prevent crimes. You don’t have to own a Ring Doorbell to use the app or view the uploaded footage and crime reports. Downloading the app will even give you a free $10 coupon for the purchase of a Ring Doorbell, invite your neighbors to download the app and you’ll get an additional $10 coupon for each of them.

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