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Flower Clips and Head Bands


  • Various silk flowers
  • 1/4 in ribbon
  • Felt
  • Gator clips
  • Hair bands
  • Buttons
  • Hot glue gun

Step one & two: Starting under the alligator clip hot glue the ribbon on. Then wrap the ribbon up and hot glue to the to of the cilp

Step three: Start by taking the flower apart from the plastic holding it together. Then hot glue the petals all together, ending with a button in the middle to hide the hole.

Step four: For clips Hot glue the flow directly onto the clip, for bands cut a square of felt and hot glue the band to the felt around the band.

Allow the glue to cool down and dry then wear them around.

Girls craft night kit $30. Includes the supplies for 3-6 girls (3 clips and 3 head bands - hot glue gun not included). Current colors to choose from are Purple (shown above), Bright Orange, Bright Red, and Cream.

Southern Snowflakes

It's snowing back home and while the weather is cooling down here in Georgia I don't see any snow in the forseeable forecast so my toddle and I decided to remedy that with our own "Southern Snowflake"

Finished Product:

Step one: Gather up some leaves and get out the iron and Wax or freezer paper.

Step Two: Place the leaves sandwhiched between the wax paper (waxy side touching the leaves) and Iron on a low setting for about 10-15 seconds.

Step Three: Get out some white paint and glitter. Plae the white paint into a tubberware container and use a sponge brush to apply white paint all over the leaves.

Step Four: With the paint still wet shake glitter all over the leaves.

Step Five & Six: Place leaves on Wax paper to dry then hang them from string all around. Sorry for the poor pictures my old iphone is what I've got for a camera right now.

Retro Aprons

Two retro Aprons for some retro-trendy girls I know.

This is a modified version of teh same pattern above

Baby girl gift set

For my Darling(ton) best friend and her beautiful bundle of joy. Diaper clutch, bibs and burp clothes

T-Rex Shirts

Custom designed and hand painted grandpa and grandson shirts: